Helping High Schoolers Succeed

Welcome to College!The road to college, particularly the college of your dreams, can be long, winding, and difficult to navigate. Let Chariot Learning smooth your way!

Today’s highly competitive college admissions environment is a numbers game. Grades and test scores matter more than ever: undistinguished applicants may be waitlisted or worse, while compelling candidates command tremendous leverage in terms of choice and scholarship.

Getting into that dream college and actually thriving there are two different challenges. We at Chariot Learning understand the reading, writing, and reasoning skills college demands and also know that a foundation of strong organizational, time management, and even stress management skills make the difference between struggle and success.

Expert Test Prep and Tutoring

Are you looking for an academic edge or require truly transformative instruction? Chariot Learning can help in ways no other educational partner can. We deliver expert individualized SAT & ACT prep, subject tutoring, and academic coaching to students in Rochester, Syracuse, and just about everywhere else.

Contact us to set up a personalized schedule or learn about how Chariot Learning can help your teen earn his or her best grades and test scores while developing the academic and executive skills needed for success today and tomorrow…


Earning your best test scores requires expert, personalized prep.


The right help at the right time can turn the toughest class around.


Every teen can benefit from executive skills for learning and performance.