Chariot Learning offers unparalleled individualized SAT & ACT instruction, academic coaching, and college vocabulary development in-home for students in Rochester, NY and live online everywhere else. Since 2009, we’ve been helping our students earn scores that amaze their parents and impress their target colleges.

Why Chariot Learning?

When you work with Chariot Learning, you can be confident that you’ll be benefiting from massive experience. Mike Bergin, our founder, is recognized nationally as a leader in test preparation. Tens of thousands of students around the United States receive instruction every year in programs he’s developed, directed, or arranged.

Our amazing team of passionate educators, which includes certified teachers and college professors, brings phenomenal test knowledge and instructional insight to every session. No wonder our students tend to earn such stupendous score increases. Contact us now to get started!

Another reason why Chariot Learning is different from any other organization you’ve worked with is our unique methodology, specially designed for individual instruction and focused not just on strategies but on the enduring reading, writing, and reasoning skills your child will need to thrive in college. We couple the Chariot Learning curriculum with official practice tests to ensure that your child has every advantage in earning his or her very best score on test day.

Our depth of experience means that we can also consult with schools and libraries to provide valuable tools and information to their students. Get in touch to find out how we might work together.