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How Can Chariot Learning Help?


Chariot Learning specializes in the kind of SAT & ACT prep that works: one-to-one, in-home, laser-targeted, and skills-oriented!

The Chariot Learning curriculum, designed by a recognized expert in test preparation specifically for individual instruction, is delivered by skilled, experienced, empathetic instructors. By leveraging our unique unified curriculum, tested approaches, and targeted testing and review using official practice exams, we ensure our students are completely confident and ready for peak performance on test day! Even better, our students earn their optimal scores by learning the reading, writing, and reasoning skills they’ll need to succeed in college.

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Obviously, SAT & ACT scores carry tremendous weight in the college application process. But for most students, grades are even more important. Don’t let your high schooler struggle in school when success is so accessible.

Chariot Learning offers expert, individual, in-home subject tutoring for most AP, IB, Regents and other high school courses. We also offer a series of innovative weekly Subject Study Groups that offer the benefits of expert instruction in a group setting.

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Your child’s success in school depends on much more than academic knowledge. Very often, flaws in fundamental skills like organization, time management, or note-taking can undermine even the most determined student. Sometimes another teacher isn’t the answer… maybe your child needs a coach.

Our Academic Coaching program will help your son or daughter realize his or her true academic potential. Your coach will work one-to-one with your child in your home to develop critical core academic and executive function skills as well as help your child stay on track with school assignments. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

Academic Coaching is also the perfect program for 9th or 10th graders looking to lay down a foundation for future SAT & ACT success by learning critical reading and writing skills early enough to master them.

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  • Mike provided him with a structure and way of learning that allowed him to perform much better, raising his composite score a full 6 points.
  • Dave has such an easy-going and supportive manner that I have recommended Chariot Learning to many of my friends.
  • Working with Chariot Learning was the best preparation choice we could have made. Robert’s test scores increased by nearly 50 percentile points.
  • We highly recommend Chariot Learning and will defintely use this resource for our youngest.
  • We are very indebted to you for being an important part of our son’s success. Thanks again!
  • Teaming up with Chariot Learning was definitely the right decision for our daughter and my family.
  • He improved our scores by 3-4 points, and we were very satisfied and happy with the final result.
  • Kaeti was an awesome teacher... She made sure that I understood each concept before we moved on, and after her tutoring I felt extremely prepared.
  • Because of the tutoring Chariot Learning provided and the positive outcome, my son was accepted into colleges that he may not have been with his SAT scores prior to their services.
We offer free proctored practice tests, AP and Regents Study Groups, SAT/ACT Starter Classes, Stress-Free Sessions, and much more.

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