The complexity of the college admissions process, with its dizzying array of choices and challenges, can be overwhelming. But you can understand the steps to your most successful admissions outcomes by considering the 3 C’s of College: Credentials, Career, and Cost. Next, let a team of experts help you and your family manage those critical elements by enrolling in our 3 C’s of College Package!


When it comes to earning your very best test scores, don’t settle for less. Chariot Learning is Rochester’s leader in expert individualized SAT & ACT instruction. The 3 C’s of College package includes either 8 hours of individual tutoring and test review or enrollment in a full 40-hour SAT/ACT Complete Class with an additional 2 hours of individual tutoring. As a free bonus, students also receive the amazing Roots2Words: Personalities and Perspective Words program.


The unparalleled NextStepU College Readiness program helps high school students and their parents master the essential steps in developing effective plans for career and college readiness. The first step involves assessing your interests, skills, academics, and preferences and relating them to appropriately matched majors, career paths and college environments. The steps that follow cover everything from conducting a smart college search to managing a complex application process.


You’re probably not an expert in financial aid forms like the FAFSA, and fortunately you don’t have to become one. Rick Ross, one of Rochester’s most respected college financial experts, assists college-bound students and families during the financial aid process to maximize all available grant, scholarship, work-study and loan options.
Believe it or not, you can have all this for one surprisingly low price. Ready to get started? Contact us now for details.