If a goal without a plan is just a wish, what is a teacher without a plan? Far too many students find themselves working with teachers and tutors who just wing it.

At Chariot Learning, we’ve learned that students succeed when their teachers operate from a real curriculum, one that lays out specific goals, exercises, experiences, and assessments within a sequential framework according to a defined, consistent educational philosophy:

  • modular — so you receive truly individualized instruction
  • unified — so you can prepare for multiple tests at the same time
  • integrated — so you can access all the resources you need for success
  • research-supported — so you get real results!

Of course, at Chariot Learning, we all work from the same curriculum, crafted meticulously over nearly a decade and revised at least once a year by educators that actually work with students. In fact, when you work with Chariot Learning, you’re usually working with someone who directly contributes to the development of our programs. If you’re not sure why that distinction matters, try working with a teacher who’s had no input on her lesson plan.

How good is the Chariot Learning curriculum for SAT & ACT, GRE, and Academic Coaching? So good that teachers outside New York state license our programs to deliver the best possible instruction in their own areas. While you’ll find many professional educators out there, very few are also professional curriculum developers. We devote the same amount of resources–or more–into curriculum development as the biggest names in test preparation, at least into the areas that contribute directly to improvement in grades and test scores.

Chariot Learning lessons reject the unidirectional “sage on the stage” model in favor of deep, productive conversations. Instruction flows organically within the structure of flexible lesson plans. Our curriculum is designed specifically for individual and small group instruction, where the full participation and commitment of teacher and student alike elicit the fastest, most substantial gains.

All of our programs are modular and integrated, so that teachers can focus on the pieces that matter most to an individual student but still work under a holistic framework of content, skills, and strategy. Cutting out busywork allows us to live up to our philosophy of helping students improve as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Because every true test prep program requires practice testing, we make sure that every test counts. Detailed analyses of all available official SATs and ACTs guide review sessions to ensure students derive maximum experiential value from every practice test. Each Test Triage captures actionable information about a student’s academic and technical performance to facilitate fast improvement powered by our commitment to high quality proctored practice tests.

While students only see their Test Triage forms, it is important to know that all Chariot Learning teachers work from our proprietary solutions to ensure that test review extends the principles and strategies taught in our lessons. Thus, every student benefits from the accumulated wisdom of hundreds of reviews of each exam.

True education depends on so much more than the core teacher-student connection. We embrace a holistic approach to teaching, one that delivers the right amount of information and support to both students and parents from the beginning of our relationship to its successful end. From our Roots2Words vocabulary program to the TestBeast tips for daily motivation, we create a culture of commitment and success for our students. Our parents receive the same level of support through our free monthly College Road newsletter and frequently posted expert articles on testing, learning, and admissions success.