Welcome! On this page, you’ll find a summary of Chariot Learning and our services designed specifically for counselors, college advisors, and admissions partners. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Chariot Learning is an educational organization dedicated to the mission of helping high schoolers succeed in tests, school, and life. We work in partnership with families, schools, and companies to help our students achieve their goals with maximum success and minimal stress. (Learn more about our history.)


At Chariot Learning, we focus exclusively on helping high school students. While most of our students are juniors and seniors, younger students can take advantage of our Academic Coaching and Subject Tutoring.

Located in Rochester (technically Brighton), we primarily work with students throughout greater Rochester and Syracuse. However, we also work with students across the country through live online tutoring.


Chariot Learning works in conjunction with libraries throughout greater Rochester and Syracuse to deliver free practice SAT and ACTs all year long. Registration is typically handled through each location, which means that students register for tests at libraries through the hosting libraries. Consult our Events Calendar for the most current offerings.


Our focus has always been on expert, individual or small group SAT & ACT preparation. We know that the right prep involves very talented and experienced educators individualizing instruction using a proven program and research-supported techniques, often right in a student’s home. Our individual programs address content, strategy and psychology through a blend of proprietary curriculum and proctored practice tests and reviews.

Note that we do NOT require families to commit to any number of hours of tutoring. Instead, we work week to week with the goal of helping students earn their best scores as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We offer SAT & ACT various group sessions at our office and in conjunction with various schools, community education programs, and educational partners in the area:

  • SAT/ACT Starter Classes are designed to provide a strong foundation for students just starting to prepare. Nine hours of group instruction is a great way to start, but should never be the only prep a student does.
  • SAT and ACT Study Binges are offered for seniors heading into the tests with no prior prep. We certainly don’t recommend last-minute preparation, but some prep is always better than no prep and we can cover a lot of valuable content and strategy in just four hours.
  • SAT Subject Test Classes hit the calendar in May and June to help students prepare for certain popular SAT Subject Tests.

Our innovative Roots2Words program teaches lot of essential vocabulary over e-mail through a combination of classical word roots and modern instructional design.


The more we study education, the more we see how certain essential skills shape a student’s ability to learn and succeed academically. Our Academic Coaching programs address critical functions like organization, study skills, time management, and stress management:

  • Our Academic Edge program helps students stay on top of assignments and develop executive skills over time through regular coaching sessions. An Academic Coach checks in every other week to assess and guide student planning, organization, and output.
  • Performance Coaching addresses the debilitating impact of test anxiety. We teach students a suite of techniques to manage response to stress in the moment to achieve peak performance.
  • Individual Academic Coaching provides personalized instruction in both the aforementioned executive skills like organization, study skills, and time management as well as fundamental reading and writing skills.
  • Our TestBeast Tumblr provides daily motivation for students looking to earn monster test scores.



We offer expert individual and small group instruction in most high school subjects, including AP and Regents Prep.

  • We also facilitate Secret Study Groups to help students thrive in different subjects by working proactively and interactively with peers.



Because high quality practice is essential to optimal performance on test day, we partner with libraries, schools, and organizations to offer free and low-cost proctored practice SATs and ACTs all year long.

  • We also schedule group Test Review sessions following certain exams.