At Chariot Learning, we specialize in the kind of individualized SAT & ACT instruction that gets results while building skills that lead to success in college beyond. However, test prep is only part of what we have to offer to families embarking on the road to college.



As your partner in the long and sometimes painful journey to the college that is best for your son or daughter, we have a lot to share. One way we help parents manage this process with grace, insight, and aplomb is through our College Road newsletter. This free monthly e-mail newsletter, written specifically for parents of students in your child’s graduating high school class, delivers invaluable targeted information on smoothing out the bumps on your son or daughter’s road to college. Learn more!


The college essay is kind of a big deal, but it can be among the most painful, stressful, challenging writing a person ever does. We can help. We’ve organized expert advice on the topic along with stellar tips from some of Rochester’s most insightful counselors and admissions professionals to create a resource on how to write an amazing college essay. Want your free copy?