collegeroadsignIs this whole college admissions process turning out to be way more complicated than you expected?

Do you ever feel like you’re not learning about important activities and deadlines until it’s too late?

Don’t you wish someone would tell you what you need to know early enough to make a difference?!

The SAT & ACT aren’t goals in and of themselves but rather valuable stepping stones towards a greater goal. So while you’re looking for the highest quality test preparation, think about everything else required to bring a high schooler successfully to that perfect dream school…

The immortal Seneca had it right: “It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness.” The road to college can be rough, but the journey becomes much smoother and more successful when someone can show you the way. One major way we help families manage the college admissions process with grace, insight, and aplomb is through our College Road newsletter.

This free monthly e-mail newsletter–written specifically for parents of high school students planning on attending college–delivers invaluable targeted information on smoothing out the bumps on your son or daughter’s road to college:

The College Road newsletter is the primary way we communicate with all of our current and former families. Even if you don’t work with Chariot Learning (yet!) you’ll find this resource tremendously beneficial.

What can you expect in your inbox each week once you subscribe to College Road?

  • Major news about the SAT & ACT
  • College admissions action steps from expert partners
  • Test taking tips and motivation
  • Strategies for learning and studying
  • Exam dates and registration deadlines
  • Upcoming practice tests (in the Rochester area)

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