Learn How to Learn, Study, and Succeed!

Does your teen struggle to get good grades or finish assignments on time, even with extra tutoring? Are you worried that these struggles now will only get exponentially worse once your teen gets to college? Don’t let your household stress keep building up… give your high schooler the the kind of coaching high achievers in every industry seek for success.
Academic Skills
Critical Reading
Grammar and Writing
Problem Solving

Productivity Skills
Study Skills
Time Management

Performance Skills
Stress Management
Testing Techniques

Adults understand how critical executive skills like organization, time management, and note taking are to professional success. These skills and certain others mean just as much in school. In fact, the students that master these skills in high school will carry that edge to college and beyond.

Academic Support and Management

Enduring success arises from excellent habits. If your child is struggling to keep up with homework, missing deadlines for assignments, or simply feeling overwhelmed by the academic workload, our coaching can make a world of difference. Your academic coach will make sure during each session that your teen is planning ahead to complete assignments on time. Let us help your child cultivate the habits of preparation, organization, and accomplishment!

As part of ongoing support, Academic Coaches also evaluate students for additional needs such as Subject Tutoring or Test Preparation. Your coach will always make honest, expert recommendations based on our collective commitment to student accomplishment with minimal stress and maximum success.

Does Coaching Work?

Have you ever watched a sporting event or a movie? Every successful athlete and performer is the product not just of ability, commitment, and practice, but of coaching. And when they need to take their skills to a higher level, they seek out better coaches. Chariot Learning’s Academic Coaching applies the same principle to promote academic excellence.

Who Needs Coaching?

When students struggle in school, their problems can often be linked to poor study habits, time management, or organization. We teach students how to acquire, process, and produce information as efficiently as possible. Any student who needs a strong foundation for academic and professional success can benefit from Academic Coaching.

Minimize stress and suffering in your household. Put your child on the path to lifelong success. Contact us about Academic Coaching today!