Big City Prep at Small City Prices

No matter where you live, you deserve the most effective and efficient test preparation and tutoring possible. But if you live in a big city, you can expect to pay $300 or more an hour for elite tutoring, then fight traffic to get there. If you live in a small town, you’ll probably have to drive for hours just to find someone adequate.

We know the tradeoffs of geography and lifestyle all too well. The founder of Chariot Learning grew up in the Bronx and lived all around the United States until he lucked into Rochester. Mike and the rest of the team developed an advanced prep program distilling their collective experience at the highest levels of test prep in a part of the country where the cost of living, not to mention tutoring rates, is far more sane. And we’re happy to bring that superior value proposition to you through remote SAT/ACT tutoring.

  • Expert, individual instruction tailored to your speed and level of ability
  • Convenient scheduling for as little as an hour at a time
  • Combined prep for any of the tests in your future
  • No travel time, uncomfortable location, or waiting around

No matter where in the world you live, you can benefit from massive educational expertise and effectiveness without leaving your home. Our highly individualized SAT/ACT combined program helps students earn their best scores as quickly and efficiently as possible, whether that requires two hours or twenty-two. And by best, we mean as close to perfect as the student can reach.

Remote, But Not Distant

The retail giants want to connect you with lightly trained, indifferently managed tutors. Independent teachers aren’t managed at all. We operate differently. With Chariot Learning, you’ll work with a dedicated expert who can help you with every section of both the SAT and ACT, but that tutor is part of a larger team committed to and accountable for your progress. One thing you can be sure of–and can surely tell from our blog and College Road newsletter–is that we care deeply about the families we work with. Your family will be supported as well to ensure that this process involves as much success and as little stress as possible.

How else can we help you? We focus on serving high schoolers, so ask us about subject tutoring (including APs and Regents), academic coaching, and even performance coaching to alleviate test anxiety. We also offer expert GRE tutoring.

If we were based in a big city, we’d charge $300 or more an hour too. But since we’re fortunate enough to live in beautiful Upstate New York, we can afford to charge much less for our expertise and results. More and more students prefer working with a tutor via Skype, Facetime, Google Hangouts, or some other platform as long as that tutor makes every single session valuable and enjoyable. We can do that for your high schooler, while saving you travel time, aggravation, and–let’s be frank–a good amount of money for elite instruction. Students from coast to coast earn their best results with Chariot Learning remote tutoring and enjoy the experience. Doesn’t that sound worth a try?

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