Perfect Practice Leads to Perfect Results!

practicetestWhy do high quality practice tests matter so much? The evidence is indisputable: no student earns his best scores on the SAT or ACT without lots of practice. But not all practice tests are equal. The very best practice includes taking the right tests under the right conditions:

  • Full-length
  • Proctored
  • Group setting
  • Official released exams

Because we are so committed to making sure students in our community have access to the highest quality practice tests possible, we partner with libraries and schools throughout Monroe, Ontario, and Wayne Counties to offer free exams all year long. We also offer special proctored exams, including Extended Time SATs & ACTs and even SAT Subject Tests, at our office.

You can find all of our scheduled practice tests and review sessions on our Events Calendar, but the way to ensure that you find out first about any new events is to subscribe to our free parent newsletter.

All tests begin promptly at scheduled times. Students should bring pencils, snacks, watches, and calculators. We always administer the full-length tests from the most recent ACT and College Board student bulletins. Students who have taken those tests should contact us to discuss other options. We recommend practice tests from the following books:

The Real ACT Prep Guide              Official SAT Study Guide (2016 Edition)


Practice Test Review

Obviously, great practice tests are integral to serious score improvement on the SAT & ACT. However, to get the most benefit from the experience, you have to analyze your performance with the level of precision and sophistication that only an expert can bring.

Whether you need a last-minute intervention or a beginning diagnostic, a Chariot Learning Practice Test Review can make a massive difference in your test scores in just two hours!

Imagine all the elements for test day success in one session:

  • An official, full-length diagnostic SAT or ACT exam
  • A highly trained teacher who has conducted hundreds of test reviews
  • An elite set of strategies designed by a national leader in test preparation

Chariot Learning Practice Test Review sessions break down student performance by section, content area, and question type. We also teach strategies for every section of the test as well as the test as a whole. Even one Practice Test Review session can put your teen on the path to earn the kind of impressive scores that open doors to your dream schools.

We run Practice Test Review sessions for groups, but we also offer much more impactful individual reviews called Test Triages. Our Test Triage sessions break down student performance in every conceivable area: we analyze skills, content, question types, and even the kinds of errors (for example, content errors vs. testing errors) a student is prone to make in each area. We also provide students tailored strategies to maximize their test day performance. Best of all, we do this one-to-one with your child in your home or live online. Ready to get started?