Unlock the English language by e-mail!

Does your teen have a college-level vocabulary? Don’t wait until college to do something about it. Nobody studies the dictionary page by page, but everyone reads e-mail!
Using the Roots2Words program, students learn thousands of words that matter just by reading e-mail. Ideal for anyone preparing for standardized tests, but fun for any language lover.

How Does Roots2Words Work?

The revolutionary Roots2Words vocabulary program seamlessly combines the classical roots of the English language with modern technology to supercharge learning. Roots2Words implements 3 simple but powerful learning tools.

Root Lessons

Roots2Words is built on a sequence of sophisticated e-mails featuring Latin and Greek roots along with essential words, variations, and connections.

Words in Context

Every week, you’ll see targeted words in specially curated or created works. Reading in context builds better memorization and understanding.

Weekly Quizzes

You’ll also reinforce retention through quick weekly quizzes that highlight the words that figure prominently on tests like the SAT, ACT, and GRE.


Personalities and Perspective Words

High school students have no time for boring, pointless lessons. That’s why the Roots2Words: Personalities and Perspective Words program unlocks the English language while teaching students how to understand themselves and others through the lens of Myers-Briggs personality types! In just one e-mail a day over 17 weeks, you meet all the personality types while learning critical words and roots.

Interested in finally building the kind of vocabulary that leads to success at college and beyond? Many of our SAT & ACT programs include complimentary enrollment in the Roots2Words: Personalities and Perspective Words program. Everyone else can purchase this premium program for just $39. Contact us to get started!