SAT & ACT Prep That Actually Works!

You’ve probably heard of students who did some sort of prep, yet failed to see higher scores. Maybe your son or daughter has already invested a lot of time and effort (and your money) without results. How can you make sure the next SAT or ACT in your family’s future is a stepping-stone to success?

According to the National Association for College Admission Counseling, even a small increase in SAT & ACT scores can make a difference in admission decisions of many selective colleges. So many of our students increase their test scores by 10, 20, or even 30+ percentile points, which is equivalent to hundreds of SAT points. Isn’t that what you’re looking for? Invest in SAT & ACT prep that actually works!

You’ll find all kinds of test prep programs out there–from books and online instruction to lectures and tutoring packages–but the sad truth is that most don’t offer what most students need. How can they? Every student is different, yet most of these programs are the same every time. But one type of test preparation does work. Even critics of SAT & ACT coaching admit that tutoring offers the greatest opportunity for substantial score increases. At Chariot Learning, we focus on expert, individualized SAT & ACT instruction.

The way we work with you makes all the difference:

WHERE: in your home, our office, or any mutually convenient location
WHEN: on your child’s schedule: afternoons, evenings, weekends, even school holidays
HOW: truly individualized instruction based on your child’s needs, goals, and learning style

We’ve helped so many families reach or exceed their goals. Let us help you. Contact us now to schedule the first step in your teen’s triumph over standardized tests!

Why not both? All Chariot Learning students prepare for both the SAT and ACT at the same time.

How can we do this? Both exams test mostly the same passage-based reading skills, grammar, math, and persuasive writing techniques. Based on our deep insight into the exams, we are able to focus on the ways in which they are the same to allow our students to master the content and strategies demanded by both exams more quickly and efficiently. This unique unified approach puts our students in position to lead with the test scores that best enhance their college applications.

Classes or tutoring?
Again, why not both? Our focus is on expert, individualized instruction through either tutoring or small classes. Everyone agrees that 1-1 instruction is the most efficient, effective way to dramatically improve test scores. However, working in a group setting can be a great way to master content before getting into individual instruction and test reviews. Is a prep class right for you or your high schooler? If so, check our SAT & ACT Prep Class listings for Rochester and Syracuse for dates and fees.

Do you offer small group tutoring?
Individualized instruction usually means one teacher working elbow to elbow (or screen to screen) with one student. However, when the chemistry is right, a teacher can work just as effectively with two, three, or as many as four students at once. We’ve seen the results!

Chariot Learning is happy to arrange in-home, individualized, small group instruction for 2-4 students IF the students are well-matched in terms of both ability and attitude. Enjoy all the benefits of 1-1 tutoring with a discounted hourly rate per student:

2 Students – 25% off per student
3 Students – 40% off per student
4 Students – 50% off per student
5+ Students – this is a class!

For this to work, your son or daughter has to have a friend or two in mind to study with. We can only offer this small-group instruction to students that enroll together.

Can you work with students outside Rochester or Syracuse?
Absolutely! Upstate New York, you may not realize, is a terrific place to live, but you don’t have to move here just for us. The kind of expert individualized instruction we specialize in works just as well online as in person. In fact, we’ve found live online SAT/ACT prep so successful that even some local students prefer it! We can help you do your best in tests, school, and life no matter where you live.

Does Chariot Learning have its own curriculum?
Yes, we are proud to provide our proprietary curriculum to all of our students. The Chariot Learning SAT & ACT unified program prepares students for success on both exams at the same time, while our Academic Coaching program develops the essential academic and executive function skills students need for high school, college, and life. All of our curriculum has been developed in-house on the basis of decades of experience and field testing.

Do you work on other aspects of admissions?
Chariot Learning does not provide college admissions consulting or make recommendations regarding school selection, interview preparation, or scholarship searches. Fortunately, we have trusted partners who specialize in those areas and have helped many families reach their dream schools. Check our Contact page for the most current list of recommended providers.