Turn Subject Stress into Academic Success!

Is your high schooler struggling with a specific subject? Don’t be surprised: academically motivated students often take on challenging course loads outside their comfort zone. Plus, those AP and Regents exams often demand more than students learn in school. Let us help! Your teen may be stressed and struggling now, but we help students manage their week-to-week assignments while understanding the big picture.

Frankly, subject tutors are a dime a dozen. Anybody with subject knowledge can offer some help. But at Chariot Learning, we know that expert educators offer far more than just content knowledge.

Our tutors combine personal subject mastery and experience with our institutional expertise to provide a different kind of subject tutoring. Our goal is not just to help students manage their weekly homework but to develop the broader knowledge and skills that lead to mastery on midterms, finals, APs, Regents Exams, and the SAT and ACT. Expert, individual, expert tutoring allows us to guide your teen to success quickly and efficiently. This level of tutoring makes all the difference:

  • 1-1 or small group
  • in your home, our office, or a location that’s comfortable for your teen
  • on your teen’s schedule: afternoons, evenings, weekends, even school holidays
  • truly individualized based on needs, goals, and learning style

Why Chariot Learning for Subject Tutoring?

Our singular focus is helping high school students succeed on tests, in school, and in life. We know all the pitfalls on a student’s path to the college of his or her dreams; more important, we can make that path easier. At the same time that we help our students master the subjects they struggle with, we pay attention to all of the other aspects college-bound students must consider. Once you start working with us, we’ll make sure your child’s high school career is marked by a minimum of stress and maximum success. We’ve helped so many families reach or exceed their goals. Let us help you.