Many students choose to prep for the SAT & ACT on their own by taking practice tests and (hopefully) reviewing how they did. But no matter how dedicated you are to improving your performance through diligent self-assessment, you can’t grade your own essays!

The essay portion of the SAT or ACT may not be the most important component of your score but can still mean a lot. In fact, the essay makes up approximately one-third of your SAT Writing score. In addition, any admissions office can choose to look at an applicant’s test essays. If you want your SAT or ACT to make a major difference in your college application, you have to deliver your best possible essay. To do that, you need expert scoring and feedback.

At Chariot Learning, we score thousands of test essays every year. Because we understand so deeply how the essays are scored, we enable our students to write their very best essays–and earn their very best scores–on test day. Even if you aren’t working with a Chariot Learning Test Specialist in-home or online, you can still benefit from our expertise and insight by enlisting us to score your practice SAT or ACT essays.

Getting started is easy! Once you enroll, just send a typed or scanned copy of your practice essay and essay prompt. Within 24 hours, we will send you a 0-6 score and detailed feedback about how you can earn a higher essay score. Even better, you can choose to have two different scorers each evaluate your essay to fully simulate the official scoring process!

…And if you decide you’d like in-depth, expert instruction on how to write your best test essay, we can help with that too!