Whether you need a last-minute intervention or a beginning diagnostic, a Chariot Learning Test Triage can make a massive difference in your test scores in just two hours!

Imagine all the elements for test day success in one session:

  • An official, full-length diagnostic SAT or ACT exam
  • A highly trained teacher who has conducted hundreds, if not thousands of test reviews
  • An elite set of strategies designed by a national leader in test preparation
  • The most convenient location there is… your home!

Everybody knows that you can’t get your best on the SAT or ACT if you haven’t taken at least a couple of practice tests. Students seeking the most experiential value from the practice test process should take official exams all in one sitting, in the morning, under simulated test conditions.

However, the only way to really benefit from the practice test experience is to review that test with a highly experienced instructor who knows how to analyze student performance in order to identify and enact specific steps towards score improvement. Nobody provides practice test analysis and review quite like Chariot Learning!

Chariot Learning Test Triage sessions break down student performance by section, content area, question type, and even error type (for example, content errors vs. testing errors). We also provide students tailored strategies for every section of the test as well as the test as a whole. After even one individual, in-home Test Triage session, your child will be much better prepared to earn the kind of impressive scores that open doors to your dream schools.

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Highly detailed and individualized test review is an integrated part of our SAT & ACT Prep program. However, if you’re not sure if you want to commit to our full program yet or simply want to schedule some targeted test review before a big test, we are happy to offer Test Triage as a standalone service for just $225 for a two-hour session.

Do you want a true expert to review your child’s practice exam in a way that delivers powerful techniques, strategies, and insights that lead to tremendous success on test day? Do you want to find out what Chariot Learning can do to help your child achieve transformative score increases in a no-commitment environment? Whether in-person or live online, one Test Triage can make a world of difference!