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**Review the Fundamental Skills Necessary to Succeed in Algebra 2!!** Chariot Learning’s Algebra 2 Preview is grounded in the fact that a student’s success in an Algebra 2 course requires a fundamental understanding of the basics of algebra that are typically taught in an Algebra 1 course. Algebra 2 takes these fundamentals into the real world by providing word problems related to real life situations. Algebra 2 also introduces more advanced algebra techniques that build on the basics taught in Algebra 1. Finally, many students take an Algebra 2/Trig hybrid course which sacrifices valuable concept and problem review for an overview of important trigonometry concepts. Facing the need to cram so much material into their Algebra 2/Trig courses, math teachers have limited in-class or after-school resources available to help struggling students. Students must therefore hit the ground running right away or risk falling behind quickly. This is compounded by the…

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