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Looking to combine the effectiveness and efficiency of private tutoring with the cost-effectiveness of large group instruction? You’re going to love Chariot Learning small-group tutoring! In our small-group tutoring programs, we bring together two to four students of similar academic ability to work towards their best SAT and ACT scores. Small-group students meet once or twice a week on a set schedule with an experienced test expert to explore the math, reading, and English content and strategies needed to earn their optimal scores. All small-group programs include full-length practice tests along with curriculum and test review. Not only does small-group tutoring combine the best of both private and class offerings, it comes at a substantial discount: more than 30% less than the cost of 1-1 tutoring! Plus, we are able to leverage peer teaching techniques, which improves learning. The F1 Brighton group meets at our office on Fridays from 4:30-6pm…

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