At Chariot Learning, we’re privileged to work with wonderful families. We love them, and are glad to say they tend to love us back! Here are some recent testimonials from happy students and parents:


We wanted to express our deep gratitude to you for the wonderful job you did with our son in his ACT preparation. Your expertise regarding the ACT and SAT was obvious and your teaching methods were excellent! You were able to not only teach our son the knowledge he needed but also methods to do well on the test. As you know, our son has a learning disability and he scored only 18 on his first ACT practice test. With your tutoring, he was able to score an incredible 26 on the ACT composite score and he has now gotten into several colleges of his choice. We are very indebted to you for being an important part of our son’s success. Thanks again!
—Marc Lande, Pittsford dad


Working with Chariot Learning was the best preparation choice we could have made. Robert’s test scores increased by nearly 50 percentile points. Plus he learned reading and writing skills that he was able to apply immediately in school. Thanks so much!
—Bob and Sarah Hurlbut, Brighton parents


We just received Hannah’s ACT score and she was thrilled to learn that she received a 36! We really couldn’t believe it. I have to confess, I thought I was crazy investing money in having Hannah tutored for these exams, but the “to the point” curriculum and her tutor made it so painless. I believe it was money well spent as hopefully it will translate into easier admission into an honors program at the college of her choice and/or more merit award money.
—Laura Seppala, Penfield mom


I think Chariot Learning is a first class business, and we will be recommending you to friends in the future.
—Fern Little, Pittsford mom


My son shared with me that he thought your classes were beneficial. Although he is an amazing student and hard worker, your classes forced him to do the leg work to prepare for exams and taught him great strategies for test taking. I wish to inform you that Steven earned perfect scores on both the ACT and the SAT on his first try! This was his goal and he achieved it. Chariot Learning definitely helped him.
— Stephanie, Brighton mom


We have been extremely happy to use Dave Holtzman and Chariot Learning for SAT/ACT tutoring for our son, a Junior at Sutherland High School. Dave really took the time initially to assess our son’s strengths and weaknesses and this allowed him to maximize the time he spent helping him to focus. Dave has such an easy-going and supportive manner that I have recommended Chariot Learning to many of my friends. Taking practice tests with Chariot Learning this past summer was also invaluable in that it prepared our son for the stress and time management issues involved In taking the actual test this fall.
— Suzanne McGuirk, Pittsford mom


We would like to thank Chariot Learning and especially Noah’s tutor, Kaeti Stoss, who helped Noah achieve what we thought was the impossible. Noah’s PSAT scores did not reflect his academic ability at all and upon calling Chariot and speaking with Mike, he agreed. The plan was for Noah to have private sessions for two hours once a week with Kaeti Stoss. Noah took the SAT two times and we were excited with the improvements he made the first time. However, the score he received the second time brought about great excitement for us all! His score exceeded what we ever imagined he would receive, and we are very grateful for the help that was provided to Noah at Chariot! We would highly recommend Chariot to anyone who is looking for help with SAT or ACT prep! Thank you again!
— Heidi Clarke, McQuaid Parent


We have been extremely pleased with the ACT/SAT prep service that Chariot Learning provides… The schedules were flexible and highly personalized; there was no time wasted on areas of study not needed. We highly recommend Chariot.
—Traci L., Webster mom


We would like to thank Mike Bergin and Chariot Learning for tutoring Kate this summer for the SAT exam. Not only did Kate achieve a large percentage increase in her score, she gained tremendous self confidence in her ability to improve and meet her personal goals. This is our second child to work with Chariot and we would highly recommend their service. The focus on content and strategy works! The scholarship potential far outweighs the cost.
—Tom and Tina Buckley, Greece parents


A huge thanks to Chariot Learning and in particular Jim Reinish. Our son had several private sessions with Jim to focus on weak areas during practice runs and to discuss test strategy. With Jim’s guidance and expertise in this area, our son was able to achieve a strong result in both the SAT and ACT early in his Junior year. For a very busy teen, it really is a relief to write once and be done. Thank you Jim!
—The Romanick Family, Pittsford


Overall, Ryan definitely improved his scores thru the help of Kaeti and thank you very much. We highly recommend Chariot Learning and will definitely use this resource for our youngest.
—Donna Black, Pittsford mom


Thank you so much for all of your fabulous work with Sam – it’s so helpful having that “one and done” perfect score! 🙂
—Terry Noto, Pittsford mom


Chariot Learning delivered a phenomenal level of individual tutoring and support. Even working online, our son improved 6 points on his ACT. We could not be happier!!
—Paul Ressa, Mocksville, NC dad


Bob and I would like to thank you for your outstanding tutoring for Meredith in preparation for her SAT & ACT. The time you took to uncover her challenges and then focus on how to better understand and answer the test questions made all of the difference in getting accepted into her top college choice… You have a gift for teaching which is reflective in Meredith’s results, an A student that lets anxiety overcome her during testing. If ever you have a parent who is hesitant to invest in tutoring, please feel free to use Meredith as an example of your successful techniques.
—Patsy Morse, Pittsford mom


I just wanted to drop you a note thanking you for the SAT/ACT tutoring services of Amanda! Our daughter Loryn took the SAT last Fall with no guidance and did not do nearly as well as she is capable. Amanda started working with Loryn and since then she has only gotten higher with her scores, she has taken her last SAT and was over a hundred points higher since her first attempt!

We are very proud of Loryn and not only has she had success on her last SAT but also with the Subject tests and ACT. The biggest surprise to us was how far Loryn came with her writing skills. She really learned how to make her points and write in a much more organized manner which we know will be helpful when she goes off to college. Her English teacher this past year just loved Loryn and noticed her improvements as well in her homework, etc. Overall we couldn’t have been more pleased with our experience and we will be keeping you guys in mind when our son gets close to this process as well! Thank you again for everything!
—Beccy Bucci, Fairport mom


My son is being recruited to play college level lacrosse and most of the more academically challenging colleges are looking for the entire package…athlete and scholar. Our goal was to raise his ACT composite score by 5 points and Chariot got us there. He took the group class and followed up with 6 hours of one on one tutoring with Jim. It worked! It was not cheap, but will be worth every penny in the long run. I feel confident that had he continued to pursue more one on one tutoring, he would have increased his score by 1 or 2 additional points. Thanks Chariot!
—Scott Hall, Pittsford dad


Mike Bergin was instrumental in meeting our son’s goal of raising his ACT score. Mike provided him with a structure and way of learning that allowed him to perform much better, raising his composite score a full 6 points. Best of all, Alex was so enthusiastic about the experience of working with Mike that it did not feel like a chore. I believe the techniques he taught our son for approaching test-taking will continue to serve him well in his college years.
—Lisa Pelta, Brighton mom


Thank you Mike for not only providing the practice ACT tests over the summer, but with introducing my son and daughter to two very capable and talented tutors. Amy Johnson and Dave Holtzman knew exactly what their individual focus needed to be for each child. As a result, both Allen and Sarah raised their ACT scores by three points. I believe that Amy not only help Sarah in learning how to take the test to succeed, but gave her the confidence to believe beyond just getting accepted. Dave was a wonderful teacher for Allen. His patience, knowledge and commitment in believing in Allen’s potential has improved not only Allen’s study habits but his view as seeing himself as learner. Both have been accepted into the colleges they had hoped for. My daughter Sarah is now preparing to interview for top scholarships at Canisius and Ohio Wesleyan. It has been worth every penny and time. I have already recommended Chariot Learning to parents of juniors. Thank you for everything.
—Barbara Thorogood, Fairport mom


We would like to extend a big THANK YOU to Chariot Learning and Jim Reinish for the SAT/ACT preparation provided to our daughter. Jim was able to identify areas of weakness and give her the guidance and confidence she needed to tackle these questions. The combination of private tutoring with Jim, practice tests provided by Chariot Learning and home study materials enabled our daughter to achieve a SAT and ACT score in the 99%. Thank you Jim!
—“Proud Pittsford Parents”


Jeff, we really appreciated your help and knowledge of the test- as well as all the helpful hints and things to look out for-I just wish we had found you earlier! We will keep you in mind for our next son- as he will be a junior next year!
—Beth and Keith Woodward, Webster parents


We were very pleased with our experience with Chariot Learning. Our daughter loved the tutoring sessions, and made a wonderful connection with her tutor. We discovered that the ACT was our daughter’s strong suit. Without Chariot Learning’s program, our daughter would not have even taken the ACT. We liked how Karen tailored the tutoring to our daughter’s specific needs. We felt like our daughter was receiving personalized, thoughtful, reasoned advice. The process was very collaborative, with our needs and wants respected.
— Jeff, Pittsford dad


I highly recommend Mike Bergin and Chariot Learning for SAT/ACT preparation. Our son is a strong student and we expected him to score well based on prior standardized testing, but wanted to maximize his scores. Our problem was the limited time in our son’s schedule for a test preparation course and the anticipated boredom he faces as an advanced student when the pace of instruction is too slow. Mike was the answer. He was very flexible with our son’s schedule and focused narrowly on his specific needs. Overall, I don’t think the tutoring was significantly more expensive than a full course would have been elsewhere. For us, the value was in achieving good scores with the fewest number of sessions and the fewest number of SAT/ACT retakes; that we accomplished with Chariot Learning.
—Janice Lauroesch, Pittsford mom


Jeff is a wonderful SAT/ACT teacher. My son took an instant liking to his professional and friendly manner. Jeff quickly identified my son’s strengths and weaknesses, which allowed them to focus on those areas that needed the most attention. Jeff’s positive and patient way of explaining things fostered an ideal learning environment with excellent two-way communication. His strategies and tips made my son feel very comfortable when taking the exams. Best of all, not only did my son’s test scores improve, but he also found that the strategies he learned from Jeff helped him in his classes at school!
—Cheryle Kulikowski, Pittsford mom


We highly recommend Mike Bergin and his preparatory program for college admission tests. Test preparation can take a toll on almost every family but Mike made it enjoyable, convenient, and efficient, while raising our daughter’s ACT score. We considered classroom instruction given by national programs, but having one-on-one instruction, on our schedule, in our home, with the focus on areas and skills critical to our daughter’s success was important to us. Teaming up with Chariot Learning was definitely the right decision for our daughter and my family.
—Eileen Holloway, Rochester mom


Chariot Learning has been very helpful to my son bringing his SAT critical reading score up 80 points and his writing score up 60 points in just 8 short weeks. Amy was very patient with my son and gave him tools and tips that he needed to help increase his scores in such a short time. My son didn’t need math tutoring and Chariot Learning was very accommodating and didn’t require both math and reading tutoring to prepare for the SATs as other tutors had. Chariot Learning was a positive experience for my son which turned out great results. Because of the tutoring Chariot Learning provided and the positive outcome, my son was accepted into colleges that he may not have been with his SAT scores prior to their services.
—Margie Askinazi, Fairport mom


Our daughter Alexandria significantly improved her second ACT and SAT scores after your services. Thanks!!
—Janet King, Victor mom


Colin increased his ACT score by 5 points from last year: 24 to a 29. He also increased his SAT from a 1220 to a 1310. We are very grateful for your help with him in preparing and strategizing how to manage the time. He came out feeling much better that he did his best!
—Tracy Murphy, Pittsford mom


Hi Jeff, we were very pleased with the results we got after the time you spent with Derek. I feel the one-on-one tutoring helped him to understand the questions better and get a better grade on his SAT.
—Melanie Fantauzzo, Webster mom


Mike developed a good rapport with our son. David never seemed to mind the time he spent on practice tests and in fact looked forward to his meetings with Mike. Having Mike come to our house and work around our son’s busy schedule was a real convenience. Thanks to the Chariot Learning program, David reached his testing goals and was done with testing in the winter of his junior year.
—Rachel Glazer, Pittsford Mom


Thanks for all your patience, support and guidance. Thanks to your coaching Luke built up his confidence and skills which ultimately made him successful and secured him a scholarship which we never thought possible!
—Sue K, Brighton Mom


We honestly can’t say enough about how great Mike Bergin is a tutor. He kept the tutoring sessions with our son interesting and alive (who knew that could actually happen with test prep?). He had a great rapport with our son, taught him so much, and kept things upbeat and positive. The outcome was that our son got an ACT score of 34 on his first try! He is happily “one-and-done,” and we are all tremendously grateful to Mike.
—Lisa and Joel Litvin, Hastings-on-Hudson parents


We just got Olivia’s SAT grade and I wanted to let you know that she went up 110 points! She got a 1360! Thank you so much. We are so happy with our investment. It really paid off! Hillarie did an amazing job.
—Debra Kostiw, Rush-Henrietta parent


Meghan got her SAT score this morning and we are thrilled!!!! We couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
—Sandra Doorley, Mercy parent


We would like to extend a big THANK YOU to Chariot Learning and Jim Reinish for the SAT/ACT preparation provided to our daughter. Jim was able to identify areas of weakness and give her the guidance and confidence she needed to tackle these questions. The combination of private tutoring with Jim, practice tests provided by Chariot Learning and home study materials enabled our daughter to achieve a SAT and ACT score in the 99%. Thank you Jim!
—RG, Mendon parent


Our daughter is an excellent student with great grades. However, she fears standardized tests and often does not do well on them. Her class through Chariot gave her test-taking tools and strategies that then boosted her confidence. The practice tests were also great confidence builders.
—Betty Cilano, Mercy parent


Rick was very instrumental in the success Grant achieved when taking the ACT exam this past Fall. He scored a 34 on the test on his first attempt. Grant had been working on his own and had taken a number of practice tests and was scoring around the 30 mark before Rick starting working with him. Rick’s analysis of Grant’s problem areas was very effective. He modeled for Grant a logical and thorough process to use while working through questions. He also reduced the anxiety level that Grant felt by coming up with a strategy to use when feeling short of time on a particular section of the test. And finally, Rick explained the framework around which the writing section of the test should be built, again taking some of the “mystery” out of the test and reducing anxiety. I have already recommended Rick to a number of people.
—Betty Battaglia, Pittsford mom


Jim Reinish was great- he and my son Garrett hit it off right away. We signed up a little late but Jim was able to cram in some sessions- 2 a week for 2 hours each- for a few weeks before Garrett took the SAT’s in early June. Jim was able to read Garrett and figure out where he stood immediately. Garrett took some practice tests and Jim corrected them and then went over the ‘trouble spots’ with Garrett- Garrett’s score went up 230 points from when he took the exam in March! We were THRILLED.

Before Garrett took the ACT a week later, June 10, Jim came over 2 nights before on that Thursday and went through an exam with Garrett and showed him how the test would be. Garrett received a great score on the ACT but we will be using Jim a couple of times before Garrett takes the ACT in early September to get his score up higher. We were very happy with Chariot Learning and especially Jim! And Jim being a METS fan was an added bonus!!
—Kristen Bartzsch, Pittsford mom


Mike provided a positive, encouraging and structured environment to focus my son on practicing for the SAT and ACT. He conveyed useful insights and strategies to enhance performance on the tests, and instilled a confidence in my son that aided in his success on exam day.
—Sharon, Pittsford mom


I just wanted to inform you of my recent acceptance into the Dartmouth Class of 2022! Your help with my standardized tests was enormous, and I wanted to thank you for helping me along the way!
—Cameron, Penfield HS student


Chariot Learning helped me maximize my potential by honing the skills that the SAT focuses on and giving me helpful techniques to master the test.
—Jake, Brighton HS student


Hilarie was great; she met, and then exceeded my expectations. I was amazed by the margin of improvement in my ACT scores. It was a strong program and I would recommend it to anyone.
—Andrew, Athena HS student


Kaeti was an awesome teacher. In addition to being very dedicated, she was a really fun person to work with and was always saying things to make me laugh. She made sure that I understood each concept before we moved on, and after her tutoring I felt extremely prepared. She was also willing to give advice about other things like college, and was understanding whenever I made mistakes or couldn’t understand something. She’s was a great person for a teenager like me to work with.
—Simone, Brighton HS student


Since my sophomore year I have had my hopes set on Brown University. My grades have always been of a caliber meritorious of Brown, however, my previous ACT attempts were inadequate. I had tried other tutors without significant change in my score, with your help on our first attempt I achieved well beyond my targeted goal. I am truly grateful for your efforts in helping me achieve my dreams. I certainly will be recommending your services to others!
—Adrianna N., West Genesee student


Dave was a very easy, fun, and helpful person to work with. His knowledge of the SAT and ACT content was very apparent as we worked through practice tests and questions. With his help, it did not take long to learn all of the skills I needed for the tests. My English and grammar skills were far better after a few lessons and my math skills were also improved. I gained confidence and learned many useful test taking skills that helped maximize my scores. I am very thankful for Dave’s help and guidance and I would recommend him and all of Chariot Learning to students looking to improve their ACT or SAT scores.
—Peter R., Victor student


Working with Chariot Learning was the best decision I made preparing for both ACT and SAT. I’ve worked with my tutor for about five months and it was a long journey, but it it was definitely worth it. The 99th percentile scores of my final ACT speak for themselves. During the five month journey, my tutor gave me lot of self confidence and not only he taught me test taking tips but skills that I can use in school, and most importantly in life. Without Chariot Learning, I definitely wouldn’t have gotten the scores that I got and I really want to thank them for helping me and pushing me to work harder and get the scores that I got. Thanks for all the help! I wouldn’t be where I am at without your help.
—Chang, Sutherland HS student


I have just received my ACT scores from the September test! I have no else to thank but you and God. Hilarie, words cannot even begin to describe how thankful I am for you. The confidence you’ve given me, the kindness you’ve shown to me, and the persistence you’ve had with me are what made this score. This score belongs to you just as much as it belongs to me. I realize this score doesn’t define me, but it has conquered my fear that I could never succeed in standardized testing.
—Jordan, Brighton HS


Over the past few months Mike has helped me improve my scores in a way that I didn’t see possible. After working with him, my lowest ACT score (Reading), transformed from a score in the 20’s to a perfect 36 on my final ACT. The improvement in my scores has turned some of my “reach” schools in to more attainable goals, and made me a far more appealing applicant than I would have been if I hadn’t improved my scores. In addition, I am more aware of my grammar and punctuation while writing, which I feel is an important skill to have. Mike is an amazing tutor who truly has his student’s interests at heart and I would eagerly recommend him to any of my friends.
—Emily, Sutherland HS student


Thanks again for all your help, I’m more than happy with my scores and I appreciate all of your help in the past few months.
—Greg, Brighton HS student


Working with Dave was an amazing experience! He was fun, easy to work with, and his vast knowledge of the SAT and ACT was obvious. His teaching allowed me to improve my English and grammar skills tremendously. After only a couple of sessions I felt confident and less anxious. The test taking skills he taught were very helpful, and I can’t thank him enough for his guidance through this process. I would recommend Chariot Learning, and Dave in particular, to any students looking to prepare for the ACT and the SAT.
—Mitch, Victor HS student


We loved working with Mike Bergin! First of all, he came to our house, so it was great that we didn’t have to drive anywhere – or my Mom didn’t have to add another location to her shuttle list!

Our sessions with Mike were always fun – and we really mean that! He is a really funny guy, so we always shared lots of laughs. But, most importantly, he inspired us to work hard and improve our scores. He’s a really patient guy, totally laid-back, but super smart in a cool way. Kind of like your favorite teacher that you learn a lot from, and will miss at the end of the year.

It was great learning his secret tricks on how to score better – and the not so secret trick of practice, practice, practice! He improved our scores by 3-4 points, and we were very satisfied and happy with the final result. Our experience with Chariot Learning was an extremely worthwhile experience.
—Emma & Sara, Sutherland HS students